Camera App For Your Smartphone

Camera Applications – In this practical world, many people depend on the sophistication of a smartphone.

Especially on camera features that are widely used to record special moments when on vacation and so on.

In fact, not infrequently also many camera applications that can be downloaded to add the best photo quality.

Compared to smartphone default cameras, these third-party applications have striking features such as filters and image editing.



MX Camera is an application that almost has all the features related to cellular photography and image editing.

This application allows users to take high-quality images with optimized autofocus and HDR features.

In addition, you can also adjust JPEG image quality, brightness, color temperature, and contrast in the camera settings.

Even this application also allows you to convert images directly into GIF forms.

Camera MX is quite popular and has been downloaded more than 20 million users on the Play Store.

In addition, this application can work well even though you are still a beginner.

By using Camera MX, you can make animated videos with the addition of various effects and filters.

Even you can easily cut videos and edit for slow motion.



Google Camera is a free application developed by the giant Google by offering several features that are easy to operate.

Unfortunately, this application is only compatible for some types of Nougat Android smartphones with the Snapdragon 820 series processor and above.

This Google camera application has features such as HDR + and Photosphere 360 °, which allow you to take circular images with sharp quality even in low light conditions.

In addition, you can also take pictures with a bokeh background effect using the lens blur feature.

And make the photo stream into a moving GIF using smartburst mode.

Not only stop there, Google Camera also offers a video stabilization feature that allows you to capture video moments smoothly.

Even this application also allows users to record slow motion video up to 240 fps.



Camera application

Camera application

Unlike other cameras that prioritize quality photography, Camera 360 is better known for its unique and fun features.

Camera 360 allows editing of images with animated filters and stickers with the theme of AR (Augmented Reality).

This application also allows you to upload images directly to social networks.

You can download this application for free, but there are also special prices for some additional filters.

VSCO is an application from the Visual Supply Company that is quite popular in the feature of shooting and editing images.

This camera application has even been downloaded more than 50 million times in the play store, by providing advanced controls and features such as RAW mode, ISO, white balance, and grid overlay.

You can even create a personal profile to connect, share and join a large VSCO community.

The VSCO-X community is a membership for people who have high enthusiasm for photography.

But to enjoy it, you have to switch to the PRO version by paying for membership every year.

Even though the price to pay is quite expensive, you have the opportunity to get more than 100 rearrangements.

You can enjoy classic VSCO presets and exclusive and revolutionary Film X ™ presets that are updated monthly.

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