Frank Lampard as the Top Football Player from England

Frank Lampard is the football manager and former professional football player. He manages Derby County, the club played in Championship division in English league. He is popular as Chelsea player for 13 years.

In his peak period, people considered him as the top midfielder. He was among the top Chelsea players who took part to win Championship League. He was also national player for English and participated in many tournaments. He retired in 2016, and his last club was New York.

Club Career

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Frank Lampard joined youth team at West Ham United in 1994. His father was player in this club and became assistant coach. His last season in this club was 2000-2001. In that time, West Ham was suffered, and he had a contract to be the next Chelsea player.

His first debut for Chelsea was on 19 August 2001. Chelsea was draw against Newcastle United. His career was at high peak in 2005-2006. He was runner-up for FIFA World Player of the Year.

After more than 10 years in Chelsea, he was free agent. He signed to New York City FC. In 2015, he played in MLS season. He also had contract for brief season with Manchester City.

International Career

He became captain for English youth team in 1997. He played for England B against Chile on 10 February 1998. He also participated in Euro 2004 due to overlooked Euro 2000.

He was in regular team in order to replace Paul Scholes. He became the top scored for English in 2006 World Cup. The first match was 1-0 against Paraguay. He also participated in 2010 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

He became captain for England. Roy Hodgson announced it on 14 August 2012. During 2012-2013 period, he scored 100th goal for England. In 2014, he decided to retire from national team.

Managerial Career

After retirement, Derby County pointed him as manager. The team was playing in Championship level. His contract was for three years. The first game was on 3 August 2018 where the team wins against Reading.

On 11 August, his team was loss against Leeds United 4-1. Frank Lampard had 12th game for Derby County on 25 December. In EFL CUP, Derby County succeeds to win over Manchester United by penalties draw 2-2.

Personal Life

He was born in London. He studied in Brentwood School from 1989 to 1994 to complete his degree. His father was Frank Lampard Sr., the former football player for West Ham United later became assistant manager.

He lives in London and Surrey. He had relationship with Elen Rivas, Spanish model. They have two daughters, Luna and Isla. Now, his wife is Christine Bleakley, the presenter. They married on 15 June 2011.

Honor and Style of Play

During his tenure as professional player, he received several honors, both for team and individual. With Chelsea, he has Premier League, FA Cup, FA Community League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League.

As midfielder, he had his own style to be in midfield. He was versatile for supporting striker, central midfielder, and defensive midfielder. Even though, Frank Lampard did not play as pure striker, he still created goal for himself.

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