4 Outstanding Girls Bedroom Ideas (You Haven’t Thought Before)

When it comes to girls bedroom ideas, there are tons of choices to deal with. Considering their fresh and cheerful characters, you need to decorate their bedroom through different perspective. Playing with color is one of ways to make up the room, while putting some fancies are even better.

The most important is: girl’s bedroom should be able to express their character. The only way to deal with it, involve your girl to decorate her own bedroom.

Multi-purpose Room

Multi-purpose bedroom

Girl’s bedroom is more than just a sleeping space. Bedroom should be able to accommodate them to express their thought. In addition, it should be able to help them explore their independence. Stick on an idea to make the bedroom a multi-purpose room for study, hang out, play, and enjoy their privacy.

In case you have ample bedroom space, it will be easier to determine specific area for specific purpose. However, small bedroom ideas are not an issue because you can use creative approach to make it real through some ways.

  • Vertical oriented helps you gain more space.
  • Small furniture makes bedroom feels bigger.
  • Area rug to separate space.
  • Multipurpose furniture to avoid your bedroom accommodates more furniture.

Make up the Wall

Make up the Wall bedroom

Girls love to see more colorful decorations in their bedroom. While you might think wall decoration looks too much, girls have different point of view. Making up the wall with vibrant color is part of their expression to cheerful and youthful character.

Wall is actually the easiest part to make up. There are many ways to decorate the wall including painting, wall decal, wall stickers and many others. Involve your girls to make up the wall. Here are the recommended ways to transform the boring bedroom wall into outstanding bedroom décor.

  • Combine some colors based on your taste
  • Removable wall stickers
  • Custom wall treatment
  • Favorite quotes or signs

Make Bedroom Fun

Fun Bedroom

Most girls love to have something fun when it comes to girls bedroom ideas. Now you can be the best parents ever by bringing fun thing to their private space. There are some choices to go including round bed, swing chair, or hanging bed. Your girl will be very proud to invite their friends to sleep over.

In addition, aside from giving fun atmosphere to the room, this idea also helps them to feel more comfortable in her bedroom. No matter bedroom size you have, you can always put some fun into it.

Mind the Storage

One of important things in girl’s bedroom is storage. Girls typically have more things to store compared to boys. Therefore, it is necessary to mind how to keep the bedroom looks attractive without neglecting its function. As the solution, you can deal with under bed storage, cabinet wall bed, and hidden dressers.

The outstanding storage ideas above are applicable to girl’s bedroom without ruining the fun and cheerful concept. These girls bedroom ideas remain the best choices that you can give to your lovely girl.

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