Review of Printing with Potatoes: An Unusual Way to Print T-shirts

Printed T-shirts are never thought to be out of style. Usually, textile printer is used to create the design on T-shirt fabric. This article will explain printing with potatoes: an unusual way to print

This vegetable is often use as stamp in various crafts. How to use it as T-shirt printing method, though? In the following part the steps to do this novel method will be thoroughly elaborated.

Deciding Which Part to Get Print

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First of all, you need to decide on which part of a T-Shirt that will be stamped. That area must be marked so the crafter will be able to see clearly. It will be better if the outline has already been drawn onto the T-shirt.

Usually, potato stamp can be used to make any kind of shape. However, since the size is not too big, crafter must assemble several parts together to create large design.

Protecting the Non-printed Part

After deciding the location of design and making outline, the next step is to protect the other parts of T-shirt. It is done to prevent the non-printed part from getting the pain on it. That way, you are maintaining the result as clean as possible.

It would be better if the crafter uses material that will not slide easily against the fabric. Perhaps having cardboard that are cut and taped onto the fabric will help.

Selecting the Printing Pattern

Once crafter has done preparing the T-shirt fabric, they need to select printing pattern. There are varied choices such as geometry for the simple one. More complicated pattern such as human’s face is also possible to be made on potato.

The consideration of printing with potatoes: an unusual way to print T-shirts derives from the difficulty to shape pattern on potato. It is a really hard task for people who are not crafty with knife.

Creating the Potato Stamp

Now, comes the most challenging part which is to make potato stamp. Cut the potato in half. After that, follow printing patterns that have been previously decided onto the potato halves.

It will be better if crafter makes pattern beforehand on the potato then start carving the shapes. The shape should be a little taller than the flat area of halved-potato. To do the job correctly and safely, use very sharp knife.

Preparing the Printing Process

Once the fabric and potato have been readied, the following process is to making preparation to finally print the T-shirt. Surface where crafter will place the T-shirt should be anti-slip. It can be on silicone mat and tablecloths.

Pour the coloring to a container. The container should be able to accommodate the entire halved potato. The shaped part of potato can be submerged into the coloring so there is no broken pattern.

Printing the T-Shirt

Here comes the fun part, printing. As stated previously, to make the job easier, it will be better if printing outline has been made beforehand. That way, crafter can stick to the plan and having non-printed part protected.

Crafter should apply the coloring onto halved potato and then press that pattern onto specific part of potato. It is true that: printing with potatoes: an unusual way to print T-shirts.

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